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Allerød Music School

Allerød Music School

A new creative hub for music and culture

In the design and assembly of the new and existing buildings, NORD has chosen to work with simple, yet strong and maintenance-friendly materials. Materials and colors are chosen with respect for the function they are included in.


The exterior façade and inner loop are treated uniformly – clad in metal corrugated panels of varied wavelengths. The cladding is an image of how music is distributed via waves in space, connecting each of the individual activities with a continuous surface and creating a sense of unity and shared community.

The building is a cultural nexus – not only for its daily users, but also for the citizens of Allerød. A place to be inspired, entertained and challenged.


Connected to the existing building by an inner loop, the new halls can host concerts, dance and music lessons. This feature connects and unifies activities, triggering new spontaneous meeting places and synergies between functions.


With the new sunny courtyard in the middle of the buildings, perched on the edge between the existing and the new, the building opens up creating many possibilities for outdoor use in the summertime.

Allerød Music School Cross-section
Allerød Music School functions
Construction costs
Allerød, Denmark
Allerød Municipality
School for Music and Culture
16 mill DKK
1.600 m2
Bascon, Norconsult, Gade Mortensen
Competition proposal
Allerød Music School overview
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