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Bridging between nature and city

Seven storytelling spots in Naturpark Amager that brings us closer to a unique site

Naturpark Amager in Ørestad is a unique piece of nature with a location very close to Copenhagen. Not even half of the citizens in Copenhagen have been to this area and a partnership of Naturstyrelsen, By & Havn and the 3 municipalities of Copenhagen, Tårnby and Dragør wanted to change this and make the huge area more accessible – for Copenhageners, for tourists, for everyone.

The proposal is a vision of bridging between city and nature, between landscape and water and to tell the story about the formation of the land. We created 7 site specific and unpretentious landmarks that could bring the visitor closer to an understanding of the nature and mark the selected spots as points of focus.  

The bridge is a motive that creates connections and passages between stages and places - and at the same time the constructions can contain multiple functions. Every nature bridge is an elevated path, a ramp, a stair, a platform on the water or land, a roof for shelter, a bird watching tower or a viewing platform.

These timber constructions are remarkable yet light foot prints in Amager Naturpark which is partly protected and a place for sensitive nature that should stay as untouched as possible but make way for unique nature experiences.  

Like the nature, these bridges are changeable, and the light constructions are easily disassembled, relocated or removed and the terrain can pass freely under the bridges that enhance the landscape in recognizable objects.

The design competition focused on 3 main entrances and 4 new facilities along the coast. We designed the project together with Spektrum Arkitekter, Niras and Økologi & Bærekraft.

TEC proposal
Slusen nord 1-1000.jpg

Construction costs
Amager Nature Park, Denmark
Danish Nature Agency, Copenhagen Municipality,
CPH City & Port Development, Tårnby Municipality, Dragør Municipality
Landscape bridges and pavilions
58,8 mill DKK
Spektrum, NIRAS
Competition proposal
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