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BaNanna Park Copenhagen

BaNanna Park

A park made by the people in the neighborhood

By involving the younger residents in urban planning process, the development of the city can come to reflect a greater share of society’s urban needs and many spaces would be designed more intelligently. In the long term it will also save a lot of money, because the youth will take more care of these spaces if they helped design them in the first place.


Before the project began, BaNanna Park was a rundown and polluted derelict space, and its potential as a green urban area was not utilized. 

The Municipality of Copenhagen bought the park and hired NORD Architects to help make the park one of Nørrebro’s best recreational spaces.

BaNanna Park Copenhagen

Many different groups of local residents, Schools and institutions - all with different needs - were involved in designing a master plan for the park. The current and future users participated in the project development through public meetings, dialogue sessions and public involvement, facilitated by NORD Architects.


The park is now an urban space with a strong identity. Dominated by a big yellow banana to play with and sit on, the area is divided into three zones ”Jungle”, ”Square” and ”Lawn”, which supports various forms of use and gives great diversity to the area.

BaNanna Park
Copenhagen, Denmark
Area Renewal Office Mimersgade
6.000 m2
Design your neighborhood Copenhagen
Bananna Park
Opening BaNanna Park Copenhagen
Bananna Park - opening speech
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