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Brønshøj Parish Centre

A new social gathering place in the community

In a society with constant evolution, filled with rootless media and informal interactions, there is a need for gathering points that provide presence and community. The modern church can act as this space. A space in the urban fabric, it allows a  unifying and loving community to welcome you with open arms, inviting you to visit no matter your age, interests or assets.


In 2015 NORD Architects won the competition for a new Parish Centre for the Bronshoj parish in Copenhagen. The parish found 


The future Bronhoj Parish Centre aims to open itself up to the community in a bright, honest and welcoming atmosphere. The concept is to create a unifying Parish Centre, which can accommodate multiple users and visitors in a multifunctional and atmospheric house. The Parish Centre, with its welcoming architecture, won’t feel institutional, but will instead be a functional house for church workers and all kinds of users.

The spaces in The Parish Centre are multifunctional and are aimed to include its many diverse activities. The multifunctional room, which is an essential element for The Parish Centers flexible usage, can be opened up and used as a large space that caters for many people. The multifunctional room opens itself up with large windows that interact and face the usable outdoor spaces.


The two diverse outdoor spaces; the garden at one end and the square in the other, provides for different users and moods, creating a welcoming and bright room. At the same time the multifunctional room, using folding walls, can be transformed into three separate rooms, both taking the acoustics into account and providing more concentrated spaces.

Plan from above. Brønshøj Parish Centre, Copehagen Area, Denmark

 The concept is to create a unifying Parish Centre, which can accommodate multiple users and visitors in a multifunctional and atmospheric house

Plan and Landscape. Parish Centre, Brønshøj
Construction costs
Copenhagen, Denmark
Brønshøj Parish Council
Parish center, community center
20 mill DKK
930 m2
Norconsult, BNS
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