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Our client consulting is creative and is based on experiences from all phases of the building process – from developing the program to designing the building. We formulate the basis for the project in close collaboration with the client. The projects’ complexity is solved with an understanding for the social or commercial dynamic that defines the project for the client. We are a credible collaborator and we build relations on trust.

We create content, before we create solutions. We work systematically to gain information about all the needs of the users and client. This process results in built projects of extraordinary quality, having been co-created with the people who will use them.

Client Consulting

We draw on experiences from all phases

of construction - from program development

to building design


DTU Risø

DTU Risø

Size: 6.450 m²
Budget: DKK 146.000.000
Program: Workshops, laboratories, offices 


Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) in Risø is constantly developing, to maintain their position as an attractive and high-profile research campus close to Roskilde. NORD’s consultancy includes a needs analysis, user involvement, program development, masterplanning and outline proposal (dispositionsforslag) for buildings to gather the facilities in a unified way with synergy effects between specialized subjects and functions.

As an example, NORD completed a needs analysis in collaboration with DTU Wind Energy.

The process revealed an apparent need for buildings with vast space for experimental activities and workshops. Following this process, we worked on scenarios for new buildings as well as conversion of the campus’ existing laboratories, workshops, testing facilities and work spaces.

Services: User involvement, room schedule, brief, outline proposal, early tender in turnkey project

Østre Landsret High Court 

Size: 19.000 m2

Budget: DKK 665.000.000

Program: Court House


NORD, in collaboration with Sweco, has provided client consulting for a new High Court that will be built in Nordhavn. The project is politically controlled and has a complicated project organization with specific requirements regarding functionality, logistics, zoning and security. The project is organized as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with The Danish Building and Property Agency as client and The Courts of Denmark and Østre Landsret High Court as tenants. As an example, our consulting includes dialogue with the users, needs analysis, preparation of program and brief, design specifications, tender documents and negotiations with CPH City & Port Development regarding purchase of the plot.

Services: User involvement, stress testing of building plots, room schedule, design specifications for PPP tender, dialogue with authorities

Byens Hus

Size: 2.500 m²
Program: Multipurpose culture hub


Byens hus, or ”The City’s House”, is Copenhagen’s first common house for landowners and citizens. The idea is to gather the common functions for a residential neighborhood into one building, and at the same time open the house up for the whole city. In this way the neighborhood’s leisure and social life can unfold in one building where there are possibilities for a number of different activities.

CPH City & Port Development leads the development and construction of Byens Hus in collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality and the landowners in the area. NORD has completed the brief, which has been created in close dialogue with Copenhagen Municipality, and is based on an extensive user involvement process involving landowners, citizens and other relevant stakeholders and actors. The goal of the process has been to cover functional needs, clarify challenges and potentials as well as to qualify spatial connections of the building.

Services: User involvement including workshops and public meetings, design specifications

Creative Zones - Copenhagen

Size: 800.000 m²
Program: Urban development, urban strategy

NORD completed a process and strategy plan as well as a catalogue of ideas for urban development in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. The goal was to attract creative industries to Vesterbro in the Meatpacking District, the Freight Train Area and Bavnehøj. NORD participated in a stakeholder and user involvement process with focus on analyzing and mapping needs and wishes from a diverse group of users. The goal was to develop a sustainable and custom-made strategy for the future development of the area with industry and entrepreneurship as a strong field of synergy. Copenhagen Municipality’s intention was to develop the city together with the city’s residents, users, businesses, associations, cultural users and art communicators.

Services: Process and strategy plan, communication, user involvement

The Children's Home of the Future

Size: 1.900 m²
Program: 24-hour care centre for children


NORD developed The Children’s Home of the Future through an intensive user involvement process, to suggest a new type of residential facility for children. The concept introduced a new way of establishing and running an institution – with the starting point in the users’ needs for a safe place, and how each child presents differently in social situations. The new architectural typology gathers both current and future needs, focusing on the social pedagogic work with neglected children and youth.

The concept describes how users, employees and external actors are involved in the development of the built project, and why the user involvement is so important in the making of the children’s home. The project was realized with support from the A.P. Møller Foundation, Egmont Foundation and OAK Foundation. 

Services: User involvement, sketch proposal, fundraising, jury membership, development of business model, website with blog and film

Aarhus School of Architecture 

Size: 13.000 m²
Budget: DKK 260.900.000
Program: New Architecture School


NORD is the client consultant for the development of the new Aarhus School of Architecture, which includes safeguarding of user involvement, functionality, architecture and communication with authorities. NORD has facilitated and completed a comprehensive user involvement with students, employees and the school’s management, with the goal to map the school’s future functional needs focusing on organisation, workshops and possibilities for synergies between the school’s departments and the city around. The prestige competition to build the new architecture school was won by a young and recently graduated team. NORD continues as client consultant until the building is completed.

Services: User involvement, needs analysis, stress testing of building plot, space program, competition brief, examination and quality assurance of turnkey project, consultancy regarding tendering in turnkey project

EUC College

Size: 5.900 m²
Budget: DKK 150.000.000
Program: Education, workshops, classrooms


The technical college EUC called after an analysis and proposal for possibilities to modernize their existing educational facilities in Holbæk. NORD completed a needs analysis and sketch proposal for future additions in several phases. The goal was to find the preferred functional advantages, right amount flexibility and connectivity – combined with economic considerations for each scenario. The buildings contain several types of workshops and classrooms.

Services: User involvement, dialogue with authorities, space program, sketch proposal

Ørestad Street Hall

Size: 1.500 m²
Budget: DKK 15.000.000
Program: Multipurpose sports centre 


The Street Hall in Ørestad is a multifunctional building for sports and culture, developed in close collaboration with an engaged user group. It is an informal gathering place with focus on motion and activities, that facilitates and inspires common experiences – for schools, clubs, associations and private persons. The building is orchestrated, in accordance to the diverse types of sports and social functions, as a welcoming initiative for spontaneous social activities in a large-scale city district. NORD has facilitated the user involvement with analyses, workshops and dialogue meetings before completing a program and an outline proposal. 

Services: User involvement, space program, design specifications

Ørestad Street Hall. Multi-sports Centre

 The Danish Maritime Authority

Size: 5.500 m²
Budget: DKK 90.000.000
Program: Refurbishment, office


Development of offices and innovative work spaces for The Danish Maritime Authority. NORD has been a consultant for the development and space planning of a new office space for 170 employees, that supports the organization and embraces a wide group of employees, both practitioners and academics. NORD has performed a needs analysis and user involvement as well as completed interior plans for an activity-based workplace design. Furthermore, NORD has prepared the tendering documents for the turnkey contractor.

Services: User involvement, plan and spatial sketches for functionality ABW, requirement specifications

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