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Designing for Co-existence

We believe designing for co-existence are the biggest challenge of our time.

Co-existence of lifeforms; Biodiversity, nature and the build environment; migration; humans with different needs, abilities and income; Equality amongst gender; and the forthcoming demographic change of a population getting older and older will be a historical challenge for our society.

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Climate change will inevitably change our environment and thereby us. Our planet will change, our countries will change, our cities will change and so will our physical environment and the way we design it - even what we eat will change.


On the largest scale we must deal with the increasing global population and the climate challenges as the paramount problem for our planet. We need to cater for changing weather conditions and rising sea levels, and we need to create infrastructure and densities in our cities that still allow for a high quality of life with integrated nature close to where we live and work. We need to plan for mixed and socially sustainable communities, that are self-sustaining and that are supported by the private, public and civic institutions and groups.


We need to rethink design, so we make the right choices. In short, we need a new set of tools, materials and thinking to design for the future if we want to change the current trajectory we are on. New tools like circular thinking, cradle to cradle are emerging and we need these design methods to evolve from buzz words to reality and create designs that are truly low or neutral in their C02 use.

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Just in Denmark the building industry are responsible for 40% of our energy consumption and 35% of our CO2 emissions. We will be a part of changing the building industry, so we start making sustainable choices when we plan, build and also when we advise our clients. We now know that building in wood instead of concrete has a large impact on the C02 use of our buildings. We have already started the journey of using timber in our buildings and look forward to continuing this endeavor. We work for the 17 sustainable goals defined by the UN and work actively to incorporate them into our designs.

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