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Cold Hawaii Inland

Cold Hawaii Inland
Integrating new cultures

In Klitmøller, far north in Denmark, there is a beach where nature has created the perfect conditions for surfing. This cold surf spot started to get famous for its good waves and is now called Cold Hawaii. Klitmøller is an old fisherman’s village with approximately 800 inhabitants. With the surf gaining popularity there is a need to cater for new users, so that the surf culture can evolve and coexist with the traditional fishing culture that is already there. 

NORD has proposed a seamless bond between the two in the competition. The design of new structures is inspired by the traditional Ese-houses, an archetype used by local fishermen for centuries. The design becomes a strategy for how various content can be implemented in different locations in the area, both on the beach and other sites closer to the village. 

Cold Hawaii Structures
Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii. Watersport facilities

Thisted, Denmark
Thisted Municipality
Facilities for watersport
Hasløv & Kjærsgaard, COWI, Via Trafik,
Karsten Mangor
Competition proposal
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