Messinavej Facade Renovation

Energy renovation building a future for an old 70'ties structure

NORD Architects has designed a new facade and balconies for an old housing block on Amager. Messinagården A / B was founded in 1962. In 1995 the property was transformed into a cooperative housing association. There are now 207 shares, including 4 commercial leases.


The property is listed as a large 4-length tub with playground and common area in the middle. It gives the property very fine lighting for all apartments. The four lengths are built on 4 floors, however on Messinavej 22 erected 6 floors with views of the city and the beach. The first phase of the energy renovation includes this part. The apartments are accessed via a patio entrance on the north side of the building.

The scope of the assignment is energy renovation of the facade, as well as the establishment of balconies for all apartment.


The project has been drawn up in close cooperation with the residents, who are not being moved away during construction. They have been a part of the developement of the design through out the process. The existing facade is covered with 150 mm insulation and finally cladded with a cobber facade. The new facade and the balconies gives new life and vitality to an old structure, but it also gives a much better indoor climate and energy use of the apartments. 

Construction costs
Copenhagen, Denmark
A/B Messinagården
Facade renovation, energy renovation
19 mill DKK
Michael Serritzlev ApS
Under construction

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