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Cultural buildings are inspiring instruments to understand who we are, our behaviors, traditions and values


NORD creates strong concepts that bring people together in various fields of their cultural lives. Through in-depth research into the specific areas, functions and themes we can develop a series of analysis that bring the clients closer to an understanding of their identity and spatial needs. We design buildings and spaces that enhance, display and discuss specific themes and content in a balance of sensuous and intellectual expressions - whether the program is a maritime center, a museum or a musical school.  

Our design approach is analytic, and we seek to understand the identity, character and potential of the cultural building or site. After this we design through a series of scenarios and prototypes. The goal for the final design is to be remarkable and to inspire and engage more people in a diverse cultural context. 


The dynamics and development of our culture are important in many of our projects. 

We include public and open functions in our design to create social interaction. 

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