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New research facilities for DTU Wind Energy
Supporting future development of green energy

Two new buildings and refurbishment will accommodate new and customized research facilities for developing green wind energy at DTU Wind Energy. NORD was the client consultant for Bygningsstyrelsen (Danish State Building Authorities) in a team with Sweco and have developed the design for these new experimental facilities in close collaboration with the scientists - the future users.  

These modern and flexible workshops, offices and laboratories create a research- and work environment designed for the future and for the many students and employees at DTU Wind Energy. The project involves design of two new buildings and refurbishment of two existing and rest on a through user involvement.

“Modern research environments are very complex to design, and it was crucial to involve the researchers and technicians who work in these new facilities on a daily basis.

Together with these people and DTU Risø, we have designed the framework for a modern knowledge and research environment that aim at the future and supports DTU Risø campus in changing from a nuclear research centre to deal with green energy and wind turbines”, says Morten Rask Gregersen, partner at NORD Architects.

DTU Risø Campus is located on a peninsula at Roskilde Fjord. The university was originally built in 1956 as a homogeneous entity characterized by low buildings with asymmetric profiles and yellow bricks. The project has focused on, as far as possible, preserving and rebuilding the existing buildings and integrating the new buildings in the campus architecture.

BAM Danmark, CCO, Norconsult won the build contract and has executed the project. 

LRIS-B171_EX_K01_F06_H2_N004 - Opstalt Vest 02.jpg
Landscape plan eac-01.jpg
RISØ - Stueplans-03.jpg
NORD_DTU Riso_View 05C_AS.jpg



DTU Risø Campus, near Roskilde
Bygningsstyrelsen (Danish National Building Authorities)
University, research facilities, campus, wind energy
4.700 m2 (new building) 3.000 m2 (refurbishment)
Sweco Danmark, mrmarkitektur, MIERA rådgivning, BAM Danmark, Norconsult, Christensen & CO, Langvad Arkitekter and 1:1 Landskab
Assignment completed
facade 3d diagram-05.jpg
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