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We create inspiring learning environments that promote social interaction and knowledge sharing 

NORD has designed a wide range of educational buildings from small to large scale, from kindergarten to college. We thrive to create these places that excel education and develop new hubs of knowledge through studies, research and academic excellence.  

It is important to us that the learning landscapes we design – inside and outside – become active places with many opportunities for teaching in various ways and where students enjoy playing, staying and hanging out together.

It is in these places that creativity, synergy and healthy relations will evolve.  

We are very focused on the interaction between school and surroundings and to integrate the school in the local community. We often evoke a close relation to nature, making connections between building and landscape that provide new experiences, teaching methods or understanding of nature.  

Design with empathy. We design new learning landscapes that create a unique interaction with the surroundings. 

We build environments that encourage people to share knowledge and new ideas that can add to the development of our society. 

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Educational environments are like a network of learning hubs. 

We design ’spaces for the future’ that are flexible and with multipurpose functions. These learning areas that support the pedagogical profile are attractive, easily accessible, flexible and healthy. 

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