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European School Copenhagen

A new public and international school in the Carlsberg City District of Copenhagen

In 2015 NORD Architects won the international competition of "European School Copenhagen" in close collaboration with VLA, EKJ and BAM. The new school (Europaskolen in Danish) is located in the historic Carlsberg City District and is a modern public school that fuse learning environments with urban spaces and life. Placed on the corner of Ny Carlsbergvej and Pasteursvej, the school is set in close connection with unique historic buildings of high architectural value like the Carlsberg Elephant Gate and the twisted chimney (Den Snoede skorsten). The school is designed with respect for the historic surroundings and continues the tradition of decorative brickwork that adds to interpretations of building with this material. 


It is a part of the internationally known Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, is an internationally accredited, public school with nursery, primary and secondary in a vibrant building complex of varied learning spaces, a sports hall and outdoor areas in close connection with the city. 

A strong international profile, with focus on language skills, science and music is supported by the declared mission of the school to build bridges between cultures – not least through the knowledge of foreign languages.


The European School Copenhagen accommodates approx. 900 students and is a five-story complex of 14,000 sqm with a underground parking area of 10,000 sqm (not part of Europaskolen). The classrooms, the cantina, the laboratories and other facilities are organized around two large 'learning stairs' that both physically and visually cross link the students and activities. 

The building is financed by the City of Copenhagen with support from Realdania, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Nordea Fonden and Industriens Fond. 

The official opening will take place in November 2018.

Diagram Carlsberg with European School
European School Roof Landscape
Entrance and exit diagram European School
Europaskolen, European School in Carlsberg, Copenhagen

A modern public school that refers to its

surroundings in a architectural sense

European School from above

The historic post industrial site creates a dynamic context for the European School

Seating plan with furniture
Outdoor plan, European School

Playgrounds and the urban context are weaved together  

Europaskolen top view
Cross-section plan european school
Brickwork detail, European School Copenhagen

Construction costs

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality, Carlsberg Byen P/S
Realdania, Novo Nordisk Fonden,
Nordea-fonden, Industriens Fond
Nursery, primary and secondary school
300 mill DKK
14.000 m2
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, EKJ Engineers,
BAM Danmark

History is reinterpreted and informs the design and detailing

Indgang Europaskolen
European School Facade
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