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Gentofte Sportspark - Large indoor courts facility

Gentofte Sports Park
Large indoor courts in a residential neighborhood  

New Gentofte Sportpark is a visible and significant landmark for organized gatherings in Gentofte Municipality. The new sports hall and the rebuilt stadium, is simultaneously creating an outdoor space which can eventually become an even more attractive “heart ” throughout Gentofte Park.

Today, the existing stadium is situated in a huge bowl-shaped hole in the landscape. The new sports hall is ”buried ” in the landscape and creates a new public plateau connecting the various footpaths in the area and provides a transition between the road and the lower main entrance.


The new hall building consists of 2 large separate halls - each contains 3 full basketball courts across the hall floor. The halls are flanked by a plinth with foyer, dressing rooms and support services. 

Overview from above: Large indoor court facility

The biggest sports hall contains a fixed grandstand with seating for 1500 spectators for big matches and is prepared for further establishment of telescopic grandstands and mobile platforms allowing for national and international matches in an intimate and arena -like atmosphere.


The two sports halls are covered with wavy vertical bands of black anodized folded aluminum plates. The bonds are separated by black anodized T- profiles, creating a playful, yet elegant facade composition. The dark facade is slightly reflective and therefore takes the color of sky, the surrounding green landscape and the many trees.

Inside view over courts in Gentofte Sportspark

The dark facade is slightly reflective and therefore takes the color of sky

Gentofte Sportspark view from football fields
Construction costs

Gentofte, Denmark
Gentofte Ejendomme
Sports facility
130 mill DKK
7.425 m2
Christensen & Co, Kragh & Berglund,
Oluf Jørgensen, Balslev Danmark
Facade, Gentofte Sportspark
Multipurpose courts in Genofte
Facade view, Gentofte Sportspark
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