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Healthcare, Glostrup Neurologc Centre

Glostrup Neurologic Centre
Human-scaled healthcare

NORD Architects took on the task to design the new Glostrup Neurologic Centre, Denmark, by a visionary and holistic approach to healthcare building design. The new building must function optimally for patients, employees and promote cooperation and sustainability.


The starting point for the project is the ambition to create a project of high international standard. We seek to create a new typology with the new Neurologic Centre, moving in the borderland between hospital and home.

We challenge and rethink the traditional institutional concept, and work with a new and expanded health concept, that deinstitutionalize healthcare and lifts the project to new standards. The Deinstitutionalization of the new Neurologic Centre operates on the following levels:


  • The architecture breaks down the scale in relation to the human scale

  • The place must be seen as a third way between home and treatment center

  • The health system be seen as something its citizens.

  • The building must be identifiable and spectacular, recognizable and welcoming.

  • Functional and technical synergies to be exploited through collaboration across multiple functions.

Glostrup Neurologic Centre, Ouside view
Construction costs

Glostrup, Denmark
The Capital Region of Denmark
Hospital, neurological rehab centre
435 mill DKK
21.150 m2
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, GHB Landskab, Lemming & Eriksson, YLP Arkitekter, ÅF Infrastruktur
Competition proposal
Healthcare, human-scaled.
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