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Possible Greenland Exibition

Possible Greenland at the Venice Biennale

A cross-cultural project focused on sustainable urban and social development in the face of global warming and political changes

NORD was the curator of Denmark’s contribution at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice, together with Copenhagen University geology professor Minik Rosing.

The subject of the exhibition was to illustrate new opportunities and challenges that Greenland faces as the ice sheet melts. With the ice melting raw resources will be available, leading to new industrial opportunities and urban development. Parallel to the climatic changes the political climate is progressing as Greenland fights for the country’s independence from Denmark.

A team of Danish and Greenlandic architects, engineers and city planners came together to develop innovative ideas for a sustainable, economic and social development in Greenland.

Possible Greenland. Venice

The exhibition was divided into separate themes: organizing/governance, connecting, migrating and inhabiting, all of which displayed how architecture can contribute to a sustainable social development in Greenland and the arctic area.

The Possible Greenland project raised questions, suggested solutions and started an international political debate about the future of Greenland.

After the Biennale the exhibition travelled to DAC in Copenhagen, Katuaq Culture Centre in Nuuk, Greenland and to the Utzon Centre in Aalborg, Denmark.

View from above. Greenland map
Exhibision cross-section. Bienale Venice
Overview Possible Greenland
Greenland Home.
Possible Greenland. Detail
Denmark, Greenland, Italy
Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2012
Minik Rosing
Guests at exibition. Venice
Possible Greenland Opening
Greenland house
Greenland house
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