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Building health

We design healthy cities and buildings. We use sustainable materials and integrate nature into our projects.

Through our work with healthcare buildings we know the positive effects the right choices have for the users of our buildings, making them heal quicker and feel the positive effects of quality architecture. We believe in creating healthcare buildings that use the capacity of architecture to its fullest. Architecture that are designed on human centred values of creating good and positive physical environments.

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We create healthcare projects in close collaboration with the expert staff thereby implementing the best possible knowledge in the design. Hands on knowledge are often underestimated. We also use evidence-based healing architecture elements in combination with the choice of healthy materials and combine interior and exterior spaces with green and natural elements into one.


Health is also about prevention. In architecture and planning we design the physical environments that allow people to be preventive and to nudge people into living a healthy lifestyle. We can promote exercise, we can use daylight to create better workplaces, we can design calm and unstressful environments, we can design places for people to meet and socialize.  All things that we know affects your health in the long run. Things that create quality of life!


Healthy environments are made of healthy materials, that allow the indoor climate to be optimal for us. In our building designs we promote the use of timber to accommodate the best possible conditions for people.

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