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Good design is based on a deep understanding
of the users' need and the context

NORD has always approached the healthcare sector with an open-minded perspective that has led us to groundbreaking and internationally appreciated architecture with a unique focus on the end users. Our built projects are characterized by high quality design with a Nordic expression and understanding of scale and materials. 

The creation of our architecture is rooted in a deep understanding of the users’ needs, behaviors and actions which we translate into spaces and spatial relations. Our method can be used in all building typologies, and we carry the knowledge across different projects. 

Being involved in healthcare design is, in our opinion, a matter of taking care of and embracing people. We thrive to create an environment and atmosphere that lets patients and relatives relax and heal in the best possible way. 

​Furthermore, the healthcare buildings we design are created with an understanding for the employees’ work environment as well as the users’ needs in what might be very sensitive life situations. 

Architecture that cares. Research shows that architecture has a positive influence on people's recovery. The human scale and the homey atmosphere of the buildings are key to this.

We focus on integrating the buildings in the local surroundings, both urban spaces and natural landscape. 

Landscape architecture creates the basis for the integration of nature and green elements into our healthcare schemes. 

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