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Healthcare centre Hillerød, facade view

The building is a composition of various functions organized in a building community, which is clearly indicated by the different boxes. It is a compact layout with a functional core that serves the various boxes, which are attached to the string of core and contain the various facilities. The ward and rehabilitation section face the landscape and the quiet side of the building while administration and physiotherapy are placed on the public side of the building. The compact and composite character provide the building with identity and variation in a homely scale and atmosphere.

Hillerød Healthcare Centre is a co-creation project, developed in close collaboration with user groups and processed through continuous workshops and dialogue meetings. The result is an active, welcoming and optimized house located between the existing Frederiksborg Centre and Hillerød Swimming, thereby expanding the offer of activities.

Hillerød Healthcare Centre is a new type of healthcare facility that brings rehabilitation, physical therapy and home care together in one building and creates synergy between various functions. The vision is that this Healthcare Centre offers welcoming, active and engaging facilities where public health comes closer to the individual citizens and becomes more visible in the local community. The Centre intends to stage a whole new set of communities for health, lifestyle and movement.

Treatment, prevention and care are linked in this new healthcare facility ’beneath’ the hospital and pushes for the development that will bring healthcare closer to people and the individual - alongside the constructions of the super-hospitals continue and become more and more specialized. Therefore, the Healthcare Centre does not look like a hospital.

Healthcare Centre Hillerød 

New typology bringing public healthcare closer to people


Hillerød Healthcare Hillerød,  North of Copenhagen
Hillerød Healthcare Centre, Facade
Entrance, Hillerød Healthcare Centre
Floor plan, Hillerød Healthcare Centre
Hillerød Healthcare Centre

Research shows that architecture in itself can be healing and have a positive influence on people's recovery

Nature view from Hillerød Healthcare Centre
Facade, Hillerød Healthcare Centre
Construction costs

Hillerød, Denmark
Hillerød Municipality
Healthcare centre
88 mill DKK
4.500 m2
Rambøll, MASU Planning
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