First urban hospice in Denmark
A new typology in a historic setting

NORD Architects has designed a new hospice for the deaconess community, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project will replace the existing hospice, designed to reflect and support the notion that healing architecture has a positive effect on palliative patients.

The overall form and concept were heavily influenced by the complex site conditions and the proximity of the neighbouring built context. Within these parameters, the vision was to create a warm and protecting atmosphere. The design incorporates both curved and rectilinear elements that allow for an optimal functional layout, built around a private inner courtyard.

The design-process of the building consisted of a close collaboration between architects, clients and users through a dialogue based process that had a major impact on the final design.

‘By considering the needs of the users, client and neighbours, Urban Hospice sets

a new standard on how you can build innovative healthcare projects in urban contexts.’ says Morten Rask Gregersen partner in NORD Architects Copenhagen.

The project was designed at a scale that adapted to the neighbourhood, presenting a combination of spacious views and privacy for the patients.

Construction costs
Copenhagen, Denmark
A.P. Møllers støttefond, Augustinus Fonden
45 mill DKK
2.230 m2
MASU Planning, Rambøll

The urban hospice makes the users able to

stay close to home and their families in the city

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