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The site always reveals hidden, natural qualities that can open social relations, new experiences, infrastructural connections and climatic advantages.  

We work with spatial qualities, natural phenomena and landscape elements and integrate them in the built architecture together with impressions of greenery, water and weather. We work with planting that changes with the seasons and varies in different climatic conditions. We design nature laboratories, learning landscapes, and gardens for urban farming - and thereby increase biodiversity and encourage outdoor recreation.  


Nature is a resource we want to keep, learn from and integrate in our architecture 


We are aware of the meeting between the buildings and nature, the transition between the private and the common, between the wild and the regulated. We strive to utilize the synergy between the planned and the unexpected to avoid dogmatic solutions that are given in advance. This allows for unpredictable solutions, that can unfold new situations, relations and experiences – like in nature. 
NORD has an innovative take that insists on merging landscape and architecture and has always prioritized a close connection between these fields by incorporating landscape architects in the office team. Our approach to each assignment is to look for and investigate the potentials for connections between the existing landscape or surroundings.

The landscape is a natural scenery in the middle of the building that makes people feel at home.  

We integrate building and landscape. 

A school weaved with the landscape in Oslo. Both inside and outside becomes a learning environment for the kids.

We integrate knowledge about environmental issues, sustainability and healthy materials. 

We integrate innovative strategies for climate change and water management into our landscape designs. 

The landscape and lush green site becomes the main focus of the patients in this Alzheimer's village in southern France

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