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Changing demographics call for new innovative solutions for living areas

NORD designs a large variety of typologies in different housing projects that share social sustainability as a common feature. We are involved in youth housing, senior housing as well as villages for people with dementia. These projects often break down the borders between young and old, singles and families, home and institution, being sick and well. We challenge the conventional ways of living by suggesting more diversity, co-existence and intergenerational relations between people. 

We design for a high degree of flexibility and differentiation, with integration of the local community, landscape or urban areas and often link facilities. Integrating public functions, like a daycare center, restaurant, research center or a foodbank into a residential project can create new synergies and destinations for the neighborhood. 

By this we encourage the development of cities that are livable, compact and sustainable. 


NORD creates projects using new innovative materials such as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) for buildings in wood and we promote the use of recycled and upcycled materials. As architects, we feel a profound responsibility to keep pursuing the green agenda and we make efforts in achieving the global goals for sustainable living. 


We combine our humanistic perspective with a rich experience within building technology and use of materials. We work very consciously with the potentials of creating social sustainability and have a deep knowledge of engaging people in processes of co-creation. 

We undertake the challenge of designing unique and high-quality sustainable housing projects in different scales. 

We use upcycled and recycled materials where it is possible and use LCC calculations to make smart solutions that are sustainable in the long run.  

We promote the use of wood in our designs to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

 Intergenerational living creates a social
network that strengthen communities.

We work consciously to incorporate the potentials of social sustainability and hold a deep knowledge of engaging people in the processes of co-creation.  

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