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New Nordic at Louisiana Museum Humlebæk

New Nordic
Louisiana 2012

The Nordic architecture scene have had global attention over the last decade as sustainability, social structure and the welfare system of the region have shown its benefits and relevance. In 2012 the most renowned art museum I Denmark focused on the state of the current Nordic approach to architecture and how we through various inclusive processes are able to generate architecture that not only serves aesthetic architectural elements, but also generate innovative functional content that serves our general welfare and benefit the society at large.

Nord were happy to contribute to this exhibition with our first two executed building the Natural Science Center and The Center for Cancer and Health. Both projects were influenced by a thorough research into user needs and the ability to turn these into innovative solutions for the future typologies which we had not worked with before. We were happy to see these projects in the context of the bigger New Nordic tradition and how we as a contemporary Nordic architectural practices can influence the development of our society.

Overview New Nordic Exibition
Housing New Nordic
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
New Nordic Design Louisiana
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