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Maritime Museum by Randaberg

Maritime Museum in Norway
Learning about the natural environment,

in the ocean and at the coast

A maritime knowledge center in Tungevågen, Randaberg, is a place where kids and adults can come and learn about the information that lies in our natural environment. A place that wants to tell the story of the enormous resources and inspiration hidden in the ocean, but also about the fragility of an eco-system.


At the same time, it is a place that works as a gathering place in the local community. It is possible to have conferences, cultural and private arrangements. Through the amazing location and view it will be a destination to people who want a positive experience in a locally anchored architecture that both tells of history and looks in to the future.


The broken volumes of the building create a composition in the landscape, that create a unity between the ocean, landscape and architecture. The 3 unique exhibitions on the first floor get their own volume with a special character and expression, and they are scaled relating to the traditional buildings that traditionally have been a part of the maritime environment. These 3 volumes are placed upon a base of buildings that seem dark and a part of the landscape from the outside. The maritime knowledge center occurs as a symbiosis between the ocean, the landscape of learning and the museum. The center is not a building, it is a landscape where you learn, in both pedagogical and spatial understanding – a landscape of learning.

The project obtains the entire competition area and utilize the landscape as it primary tool and physical frame.


The project is robust, flexible and adjustable. Basically, the building consists of a ground floor, where all the public functions and service areas are placed. The first floor has all exhibitions and staging platforms. Everything is changeable and flexible. The flexible inner makes it possible to adjust to what is happening and the changing of the seasons. The relation between outside and inside is fluent, both visually and spatially, on both floors. Furniture can be moved around and in to the landscape, walls can be opened, curtains both inside and outside create changing spatialities and visual boundaries.


Landscape outside is used as part of the museum experience and it possible to create a series of interactive elements to use as a storytelling about the meaning of the ocean, previous, now and in the future. In close relation to building is 3 platforms or “bases”, on which you can display boats or other maritime equipment. In connection with these it is also possible to have different events and workshops, departing from these elements.

Maritime Museum by the sea
Randaberg, Norway
Randaberg Municipality, Jærmuseet
2.500 m2
Competition proposal
Interior Randaberg
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