We make use of new and innovative methods and materials in our projects. We take responsibility for the earth’s resources and work hard for green revenue.


We integrate knowledge about environmental issues sustainability and healthy materials

At NORD we are conscious and responsible with the cycle of resources. We integrate knowledge about sustainability and healthy materials in our design, and shrive to find new aesthetical and beautiful details that gives or projects a significant expression and distinctive character.


Case: Villa Wood


We engage with innovative and classic material technology and create sustainable solutions through the use of for instance CLT and wood as a building material

An investigation into a contemporary sustainable house that use wood as the main material. Shou Sugi ban combined with CLT gives both a glimse into the past and the future of material technologies.

Case: Furesø City Hall

The use of upcycled materials, that are Cradle to Cradle certified, provides our projects with new substance and character. Here the ceilings are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Case: Hospice in Frederiksberg

Sustainable Kebony wood has been

treated in a unique way to extend

the material’s lifetime and minimize maintenance

Case: Brickwork in Carlsberg


Details that complement the historical context give our projects identity and coherence

Case: House of Natural Science

Naturvidenskabens hus, Bjerringbro

An investigation into a circular shaped building led to a glassfacade, that changes character when it absorbes different light conditions over time.

Case: Messinavej Energy Renovation


Energy renovation of buildings from the ‘70s gives new possibilities for materiality, expression and identity


Case: Brønshøj Parish Center


CLT timber structure used to lower the C02 footprint of the building, and creating a significant aestetic expression of the center