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NORD Midgard Housing

Senior Collective Housing
Creating identity and Nordic atmosphere in a housing project with low co2-emission

New demographic changes call for new approaches to housing typologies and new ways of living together. The large group of seniors in our society need more diverse possibilities of living in active and inspiring surroundings and we need to come up with new types of housing projects.

The project is designed for a group of seniors who had very well-considered and specific wishes for a new collective housing with a distinct and welcoming Nordic atmosphere. They wanted a place that hold all the features needed while you are getting older, and at the same time a strong focus on the sense of community that can bring people together through activities or recreations.

The material character is defined by an extensive use of wood. It sets a warm and natural tone that will only improve while aged. The structure is built with CLT / cross laminated timber, giving the building a sustainable element. Classic wood construction details are featured in the facade that has a contemporary expression of green color to create a significant identity for the senior housing project. This is a place that promotes a healthy and social lifestyle as you get older.

Landscape plan 1 to 500 Midgard
Plan Ground Floor Midgård Farum
Axo Building
Construction costs
Farum, Denmark
Senior housing
40 mill DKK
Adserballe og Knudsen, Ingeniør'ne
Competition proposal
Plan_Level 1.jpg
Midgard Housing Farum
Floor Plan 1 Midgård
Floor Plan 2 Midgård
Midgård Senior Housing
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