Northeast Amager School

A new take on the traditional red brick Copenhagen school 

The way we approach learning is constantly evolving, and our schools must allow for a new curiosity, flexibility and differentiated learning environments.  Centred around a common atrium, our proposal expands it’s learning spaces into four directions, allowing for both defined learning spaces and shared spaces of varying sizes. Physical and educational activities are at the centre of the school at multiple levels. From the large “Square” on the ground floor with connections to all shared facilities, to continuous learning staircases, flexible group spaces and niches.

Being more than a school, our proposal provides new public spaces and social potentials for the whole area of North-East Amager. Nature is weaved together with the building, as the green environments expand onto the many outdoor terraces and the active floor of the city continues underneath. During the day, teachers can explore the many outdoor possibilities - in the evening locals can gather for cooking classes, sports and community activities. A school not only embedded with material sustainability, but educational and social too.

Construction costs

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality
Elementary school, landscape
279 mill DKK
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, EKJ Engineers, CG Jensen, Autens
Competition proposal

NORD Architects A/S  - Hejrevej 37, 2. - 2400 Copenhagen NV Denmark  +45 3369 0908