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Office spaces should cater for diverse and dynamic work environments

NORD’s projects often include workplaces and offices for administration and service personnel. We design offices with different activity-based workspaces to make varied and inspiring environments that suit and support the role of the individual and the synergies in the teams. The number of traditional workstations is often reduced. This creates new areas for meetings, contemplation, discussions, workshops, co-creation, huddle and show and tell etc. The dynamics of our modern organizations demand the creativity and thoughtfulness that quality architecture can bring to a project.  

We design new flexible office buildings that can be let for one or more tenants, and we help our clients analyze existing buildings and test them according to their needs. This is an important ballast of experience, compiled largely through the last six years by assignments for the Danish State. We have accomplished several in-depth analysis and workshops with very different organizations and have developed functional demands for building types such as a new court building, government administrations, tax offices and a new architecture school

Flexibility is one of the prime qualities of a modern office building. For now, and for the future. 

Our office design is built on the understanding of the client’s needs and their unique organization. 

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