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Pocket Park Ørstad. Prism Garden

Prism Garden

A pocket park in Ørestad

Outdoor areas in Ørestad are mainly defined by the district’s orthogonal composition. Amongst the capacious building masses are a series of outdoor areas that are characterised as pockets. These outdoor spaces are developed according to the area’s overall strategy and must meet the needs of the residents and users of the adjoining buildings, as well as the general public of Copenhagen. 

NORD Architects designed Prismehaven -a green pocket park next to the V-house in Orestad, Copenhagen. The geometry is inspired by the building next to it. The first in a line of pocket parks in Orestad.

The historical context is an important framework for our landscapes especially when we are working with new urban areas. By using the buildings’ typologies as a

Landscape. Prism Park

reference for the urban landscapes, we build on elements already in place, which makes it easier to create a true and meaningful identity for the area.


The triangulated hills create small pocket shielded from the prominent wind conditions in Orestad, and forms pots for social interaction. Visually seen from above the strict geometry of the garden forms a strong sculptural view seen from the balconies


Principles and concepts were conceived for the development for several of these parks by way of consulting the area’s residents and users through a series of workshops.

By using the buildings’ typologies as a reference for the urban landscapes, we build on elements already in place

Ørestad City. Pocket pak
Construction costs
Copenhagen, Denmark
Grundejerforeningen Ørestad City
2.1 mill DKK
1.980 m2
Photo Prism Garden
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