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Frysja. Olso Urban Development

Oslo Urban Development
Transformation of Frysja into new learning environment using sustainable methods

The mixed patterns of urban living for students, citizens, turists and working people, will have an symbiotic effect on each other and multiply the vibrant atmosphere in the city. The primary infrastructure and landscape elements played a crucial part in the proposal, focusing on the much appriciated river Akselven and surroundings of Nordmarka and Maridalsvannet. The secondary infrastructure is weaved into ’blue strategies’, green wedges, blue-green corridors and other landscape features.


Ecology and biodiversity are some of the most important resources in the area, which we cultivated in the design strategy by an interpretation of the vast plant catalogue of the site. This we integrated into recreational and public spaces full of experiences and learning. 

NORD Architects and 3RW were invited to take part in the development of Frysja in Oslo, the transformation of a former industrial area into an new attractive area with housing, school, offices and recreational opportunities. Our proposal is based on a design strategy leading to an urban development with a strong sense of identity, diversity, liveability and biodiversity made through sustainable methods and materials.

We considered the whole area as a learning landscape, using the future public school to create active and inviting spaces for both citizens and school children in squares, streets, parks and at the river bed of the scenic Akerselva.

The concept is based on the existing qualities on site like nature, knowledge culture and history to enhance local charateristics and strengthen identity.

Frysja. Urban planning and learning landscape
Construction costs
Oslo, Norway
Oslo Municipality
Parallel assignment, urban design and development
232 mill DKK
3RW, Christian Mong
Overview, Learning Landscape in Oslo
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