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Our practice is rooted in new Scandinavian architecture – and as a result we see architecture as an important social component, that helps to create welfare.


NORD is a cross-disciplinary consulting company. We believe in developing content before we develop solutions.

We involve the users in our architecture both before and during the creative process. This approach enriches the projects and results in the best possible solution for each user.


Well-functioning cities are characterized

by diversity and co-existence

NORD makes buildings, urban spaces and urban development, that take part in developing healthy and coherent communities with respect for diversity and people’s life situation. Co-existence is a fundamental quality for sustainable cities – one we work with in all our projects.


Our office is situated in Copenhagen, a city that has been developed to be a green and healthy city and is now an international icon for livable cities. We have participated in this development.

Well-functioning cities
are characterized by diversity and co-existence.

Our projects create more cohesive cities.

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