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Our projects are created together with

the customers and users

NORD makes buildings, urban spaces and urban development, that take part in developing healthy and coherent communities with respect for diversity and people’s life situation. Co-existence is a fundamental quality for sustainable cities – one we work with in all our projects.


Our office is situated in Copenhagen, a city that has been developed to be a green and healthy city and is now an international icon for livable cities. We have participated in this development.

Design with empathy

NORD’s built projects are characterized by high quality design with a Nordic expression and understanding of scale and materials. The architecture is rooted in a deep understanding of the users’ needs, that then is translated into spaces and spatial relations. Our method can be used in all building typologies, and we carry the knowledge across different projects.

Our healthcare buildings are created with an understanding for the employees’ work process as well as the users’ needs in special and sensitive life situations. NORD’s characteristic education buildings, culture and sport buildings are designed based on processes involving the future users. We put focus on integrating the buildings with the surrounding urban spaces and landscape.


Our practice is rooted in new Scandinavian architecture – and as a result we see architecture as an important social component, that helps to create welfare.


NORD is a cross-disciplinary consulting company. We believe in developing content before we develop solutions.

We involve the users in our architecture both before and during the creative process. This approach enriches the projects and results in the best possible solution for each user.

Social and environmental sustainability

At NORD we are conscious and responsible with the cycle of resources. We integrate knowledge about sustainability and healthy materials in our design.

We make use of new and innovative methods and materials in our projects.

We take responsibility for the earth’s resources and work hard for green revenue.

There should be space for everyone in the city, and the diversity is an asset. For us, urban development is about creating a city with space for coexistence. NORD works with urban projects that create new neighborhoods where generations can live side by side, or where the city supports Alzheimer’s patients, as an example.

Creative client consulting

Our client consulting is creative and is based on experiences from all phases of the building process – from developing the program to designing the building. We formulate the basis for the project in close collaboration with the client. The projects’ complexity is solved with an understanding for the social or commercial dynamic that defines the project for the client. We are a credible collaborator and we build relations on trust.


We create content, before we create solutions. We work systematically to gain information about all the needs of the users and client. This process results in built projects of extraordinary quality, having been co-created with the people who will use them.



NORD has experience with program- and project development, and we offer consulting in all phases of design and construction. We see all of our projects, no matter in which scale, as a part of an urban and social development. Architectonic ideas, buildings, urban spaces and cities can, and should, create value that exceeds the projects’ boundaries.

The company, founded in 2003, is led by three partners: architects Morten Rask Gregersen, Johannes Molander Pedersen and Mia Baarup Tofte. The office has been a pioneer in recreating the architectural process by inviting diverse professionals as well as other stakeholders to participate.

NORD is an award-winning office, that has participated in several exhibitions on contemporary Danish Architecture. NORD’s projects have been published in leading international magazines. The partners are regular speakers and lecturers in academic as well as other contexts, both in Denmark and internationally.

NORD was founded with an ambition to make architecture socially relevant and create debate. Our approach has been an occasion for a number of international research projects and exhibitions, among others Pharmland (2004) about the future opportunities in Danish agriculture. 

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