Aarhus School of Architecture

New partnering and early involvement

NORD Architects has been the client advisor for The Danish Building and Property Agency in connection with the new architecture school in Aarhus, Denmark. The project emerged through a process in which NORD Architects, involving the school’s users, developed a competition program that both outlined the vision for the future school and the technical requirements for the building. The goal was a flexible and robust building with a raw and open structure, allowing new teaching methods and workshop activities to flourish for many years to come.

As part of the project, NORD Architects assisted The Danish Building and Property Agency in developing a new procurement and collaboration model called ‘New Partnering’. This procurement model supports strong collaboration among the various stakeholders in the project, by early involvement of all parties’ knowledge and skills. An expected outcome of the model is that time and budget constraints are met, and the completed building meets the quality expectations and requirements set at the beginning of the project.

  • Location:

    Aarhus, Denmark

  • Client:

    Danish Building and Property Agency

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    New construction, educational building

  • Services:

    Needs- and functional analyses, user involvement, process for zoning plan, tender strategy, preparation of competition program, follow-up through design phases

  • Size:

    15.500 m2

  • Collaborators:


  • Design team:

    Adept, Vargo Nielsen Palle, Tri-Consult, A. Enggaard A/S

  • Status: