Assisted Living Kellersvej

A city within the city

In the fast pace of today’s society it can be hard to fit in with the complexity of daily life, if you have special needs. With the proposal for the future care homes for those with cognitive disabilities at Kellersvej, NORD Architects and collaborators created a small city within the city – a safe haven where residents can live independently with plenty of opportunities for socializing, support, life and culture.

The ambitions is to create an easier, more social and accessible neighbourhood for the residents and their relatives. By creating a village-like setting with a countryside feeling, the neighbourhood creates a diverse, controlled and safe area, giving residents the opportunity to live a normal and independent life. The care home village invite relatives inside and lets the residents meet them at eye level.

Each residential unit of 13 homes is spatially divided into two neighbouring units with 6-7 homes in each, which share a common area. The two residential units form a square, where the primary common areas always open towards southwest or southeast. A raised roof marks the joint space and creates a high ceiling and skylight.

The units overlap each other in the common areas – one common terrace is directed towards the village and the other is directed towards the garden. The terraces are withdrawn from the primary common areas, ensuring that socially weak residents can still be part of the immediate social unit, without feeling exposed to (visual) noise. The two outdoor terraces weave around the kitchen, dining and living areas where residents can participate in social activities according to their preference.

  • Location:

    Gladsaxe, Denmark

  • Client:

    Gladsaxe Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Care homes

  • Size:

    9.700 m2

  • Collaborators:

    Mikkelsen Arkitekter, Schulze & Grassov, Steensen Varming, Stokvad, Jørgen Tornhøj Christensen

  • Status:

    Competition proposal