Banedanmark HQ

Railway company offices by the train tracks

For Banedanmark’s new headquarters in Ringsted, the vision was to create an attractive, functional and flexible office and education building. The building is placed with respect to the city scale and local architecture, all the while being a characterful landmark right by the train tracks.

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) competition was made in collaboration with MT Højgaard and DEAS and the proposed offer included both the design, construction and maintenance of the building over a 20-year period. The project includes offices, canteen and a meeting center, as well as educational facilities intended for all Banedanmark’s 2.400 employees.

The building is broken into several volumes, to correspond with the scale of the city around. The interior is organized accordingly – many small to medium size office spaces create a flexible working environment that calls for movement, collaboration and spontaneous meetings. Each office floor has central cafés for breaks, casual meetings and communication across departments; resulting in a dynamic workplace.

The façade is built with red brick in three nuances – referencing Ringsted’s old architecture. The brick pattern, with motives from the train tracks, creates a dynamic movement inspired by the visual effects one experiences looking out the window while traveling by train.

  • Location:

    Ringsted, Denmark

  • Client:

    Banedanmark, BYGST

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Offices, headquarters, educational facility

  • Construction costs:

    120 mill DKK

  • Size:

    8.790 m2

  • Collaborators:

    MT Højgaard, DEAS

  • Status:

    Competition proposal