Eco Village

An innovative housing scheme combining micro-living, co-living and eco-living

Eco House and Eco Village is pioneering everyday life in an upcoming residential area in Hannover. Ecology is the core design of the housing concept, based on climate-neutrality and shared social spaces.

NORD Architects have developed a masterplan proposal for the area as well as designed a cluster of houses for the village. Sustainability has not only been pivotal to the client but us as architects as well. It’s the goal to make Eco Village an example of a climate-neutral residential area – and hopefully even an energy surplus area.

We have worked with sustainability in all aspects of design and future use. We work actively to reduce co2-emissions in the building process by using more sustainable materials – recycled materials, paper insulation and wood as much as possible, even the load-bearing structures.

The house is designed with easily accessible composting, rainwater collection (and reuse of it) and solar panels (connected to the heating- and electric systems), which will support lower co2-emisson once the residents move in.

Supporting local biodiversity and creating green, recreational spaces has also been of high priority. In addition to the parks and paths, the roof and facades will also be utilized for greenery. In total more than 65% of the area is dedicated to green spaces.

The project incorporates social sustainability by mixing cooperative housing, public housing for families, senior housing, and youth housing. Residents will have access to shared guest house, library, recycling café, auditorium, communal dining area, etc.

  • Location:

    Hannover, Germany

  • Client:

    Eco Village e.G

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Urban development and housing

  • Size:

    1.8 km2

  • Collaborators:

    Raplus Architekten

  • Status: