Fjelltun School

A dynamic teaching environment built in CLT wood

Our proposal for the Fjelltun School is our take on how to implement a new school in a Norwegian village in a beautiful landscape setting. We sought inspiration in the traditional Norwegian building methods where a vertical shift is often made in the base of a building to integrate the building and terrain. This is how the landscape merges with the building, creating a linear structure that merge terrain and building into one consistent structure.

We designed this competition proposal in the same way, with the common functions and creative learning meeting the landscape in the base, and classrooms placed on top. The vertical organization provides flexible learning spaces and the possibility for outdoor learning and exploration.

With a focus on daylight, the learning spaces are reflected in the façade. The façade becomes an active part of the building with sitting niches and balconies, creating spaces for activities from contemplation to active play and learning.

The building volume makes perfect conditions for the use of prefabricated cross-laminated-timber (CLT)-elements. This choice would result in a school where the selection of materials and focus on sustainability is a withstanding statement that would also provide a better indoor climate, and therefore also a better environment for learning and teaching for pupils and teacher.

  • Location:

    Jørpeland, Norway

  • Client:

    Strand Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Elementary school

  • Size:


  • Construction costs:

    320 mill NOK

  • Collaborators:

    3RW Arkitekter

  • Status:

    Competition proposal