Folehaven Urban Biodiversity

Recreational urban and garden space

The Garden is a recreational urban and garden space that appeals to the neighbourhood in everyday life and introduces new activities that will also attract Copenhageners from other parts of the city.

The ambition is to contribute to social sustainability in the area through new facilities in thematic gardens, which will also increase the area’s biodiversity. The goal is to create a place with a clear identity that, on the one hand, speaks to the area’s uniqueness and, on the other, provides a much-needed change and visible renewal that attracts attention.

The garden is a vision for a transformation of the central urban space in the area into a lush and vibrant meeting place for existing and new communities.

The project creates “HAVEN” (The Garden) – the area’s central urban and garden space, which everyone will be able to relate to and gather around. The garden is the place where you can watch the seasons change; dream away; explore; be active; celebrate things; where you can experience community; play; meet and not least move through.

  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Client:

    Copenhagen Municipality

  • Year:

    2013 – 2016

  • Construction costs:

    13 mill DKK

  • Size:

    10.600 m2 surface area

  • Collaborators:

    Thing Brandt Landskab

  • Status: