Furesø City Hall

A large covered urban space defines the city hall

In the future the city hall for Furesø Municipality is going to be an example of sustainability and democratic design. NORD Architects won the competition in 2015 to create the new Furesø City Hall, a model for the future of democratic institutions that provides a framework for collaborations and new alliances between government, citizens and business.

The new city hall is combined by the existing refurbished building and a larger new building. Together the two will form a loop around a central atrium, which will be accessible to all citizens of Furesø. The façade is designed with integrated seating niches as an ‘urban shelf’, a vertical public space facing the new city hall square.

The new city hall is designed with integrated solutions that help reduce co2-emission such as solar cells, planted facades, natural ventilation, rainwater recycling systems and local drainage of surface water. The building will be energy optimized with a focus on a good indoor climate in which the employees will have influence on their own surroundings.

The building will be designed with so-called ‘wise square meters’ where several of the rooms can be used for multiple purposes – to serve both traditional city hall functions and citizen-oriented activities outside office hours. It is estimated that the municipality will reduce annual operating costs by about 8 million DKK by combining their activities in one joint city hall.

  • Location:

    Værløse, Denmark

  • Client:

    Furesø Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    City hall

  • Construction costs:

    80 mill DKK

  • Size:

    5.700 m2

  • Collaborators:

    Anker Hansen & Co, Søren Jensen engineers

  • Status: