Gastro Academy

Transformation from military bastion to gastronomic epicenter

When The Danish Environment and Food Agency wanted to establish a national ‘Gastro Academy’ to promote Denmark as a gastronomic nation, strengthen export, increase tourism, and improve our eating habits, Nord Architects were client consultants for The Danish Building and Property Agency. The primary assignment involved assessment of the listed property Kalvebod Bastion, located in the heart of Copenhagen, as well as functional and needs assessment with the various stakeholders.

The assessment aimed to provide the best possible functional layout and highlight advantages and disadvantages of the property. We developed three scenarios for the floor plan, which were discussed with The Danish Environment and Food Agency and selected users. The different floor plans illustrated various responses to how visions and needs could be addressed in the transformation, and also formed the foundation for an important discussion of priorities.

Based on the analysis and development concept, a final floor plan was developed that best met the functional needs of the users of the future Gastro Academy. The architecture, location, functional possibilities, and character of the building aligned well with the visions and wishes of the Gastro Academy.

NORD also made a sketch proposal for the outdoor areas with functions that can support the site’s qualities and the Gastro Academy’s need for outdoor facilities related to food education and gastronomic laboratories. In addition, Nord researched relevant regulations related to preservation, structural considerations, fire safety, and escape routes, addressing functional needs and incorporating them into the proposal. An initial dialogue with The Agency for Culture and Palaces was conducted to uncover the possibilities and limitations regarding preservation that needed to be taken into account.

  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Client:

    Danish Building and Property Agency, The Danish Environment and Food Agency

  • Year:


  • Size:

    2580 m2

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