Gellerup School

Sustainability as a driver for lifting a community

The school in Gellerup is much more than a school building. It is a vibrant, identity-giving gathering point in Aarhus West and it is a multifunctional learning space for the school’s users as well as local community. ​

The school building forms the framework for learning, play, movement, activities and social contexts. It is a place where the community can collaborate and create in synergies between subjects, ages, physical spaces and between indoor and outdoor spaces and not least between school and the surrounding urban community.

The ambition was to create a sustainable school – both environmentally and socially. It is designed to be constructed using as much wood as possible – in both construction, façade and interior. There are solar panels on the roof, the furniture should be made from upcycled materials from the building site as well as second-hand items.

Sustainability is not an add-on, but has to be a natural starting point in all the decisions made in the design process – from construction to facade.


Material imprints have weighed heavily and a high LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) have set requirements that create a school which not only has a sustainable profile, but has material and spatial considerations integrated completely into the constructive system.

  • Location:

    Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Client:

    Aarhus Kommune

  • Year:


  • Typology:


  • Construction costs:

    244 Million DKK

  • Size:

    13.200 m2

  • Collaborators:

    BOGL, Link Arkitektur, A. Enggaard, Tri-consult

  • Status:

    Competition proposa