Hovinbyen UN17

UN's 17 sustainability goals

The Green Ring is a strategy for how the UN’s 17 sustainability goals can be used in the transformation of Hovinbyen in Oslo, Norway. The Green Ring connects the many neighborhoods in Hovinbyen via a 7 km long pathway and various urban spaces. At the same time, the ring forms an infrastructure for a circular economy model and an innovative processing of resources.

The Green Ring is subdivided into several smaller green rings, each of which has a different function, design, materiality and size. The rings offer green meeting places

and urban spaces, stations for handling recycling and upcycling, marketplaces, urban gardens, activity and recreation areas, as well as temporary urban and landscape spaces. The rings are larger and smaller communities for citizens, organizations and businesses with startups and work collectives.

The Green Ring offers a robust plan for a new era of urban and landscape space in Oslo, where sustainability, biodiversity and greenery, urban furniture, lighting and wayfinding are combined.

  • Location:

    Hovinbyen, Oslo, Norge

  • Client:

    Oslo Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:


  • Collaborators:

    3RW, Christian Mong, ÅF lighting

  • Status:

    Parallel assignment