Køge Culture House

A new cultural hotspot between town and harbour

Located between Køges older renaissance town and culture on one side and industrial area, traffic and harbour area on the other, the new culture house is designed to be a new cultural hotspot between town and harbour. The proposal works to create a respectful connection between Køges characteristic urban structure. The building’s exterior shows a larger scale, while the inner is smaller volumes, like an echo of the ‘old Køge’.

The Culture House connects urban elements through an open plan with different cultural elements. The existing culture town centre flows through the building via open passages and creates a larger outdoor cultural gathering point.
Køge Culture House takes combines four existing cultural institutions through a long row of new functions. Such as a shared gathering point across the different cultural activities and communities.

  • Location:

    Køge, Denmark

  • Client:

    Køge Municipality

  • Year:


  • Size:

    6000 m2

  • Collaborators:

    EFFEKT Architects, COWI, MASU Planning

  • Status:

    Competition proposal