Meatpacking District School

A new school in Copenhagen

The new school in the Meatpacking District is designed as learning landscapes woven into the white post-industrial meatpacking district.

The school’s learning profile is focused on the culture and production of food, and on its impact on healthy living and social aspects of food. The school stresses the importance of learning – both practical and in theory – tailored to the students specific ages.

It also encourages a creative and experimental approach to food, from farm to table and from plot to plate. Learning and experimenting in the roofscape of the school, teaches the pupils about food systems with a low impact on climate and high awareness of a social food culture.

The school lies in the historical Meatpacking District as the missing corner at the edge of the area and will be an important meeting point in the city. The school rethinks the classic materials of the area, functionalism and industrial structure. It is a white school with blue details inspired by the characteristic white facades, distinct blue details and horizontal layers of the area.

The school is designed with outdoor terraces descending from the highest point of the building at the corner, towards the inner part of the meatpacking district. The roofscape provides different levels of recreational spaces, urban gardening and playgrounds that combine teaching, movement and recreation.

Meatpacking District School
  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Client:

    Copenhagen Municipality

  • Year:

    2020 – 2024

  • Typology:

    Elementary school, landscape

  • Construction costs:

    279 mill DKK

  • Collaborators:

    BAM, BBP Arkitekter, BOGL and Norconsult

  • Status:

    1. prize competition, ongoing