Medical Research Centre

A cutting edge science centre

Medicine is a dynamic and ever-changing field. The technology and methodology develop rapidly, influencing and sometimes revolutionizing the way of practicing and teaching medicine. The new scientific and educational complex would be a place for inventing and teaching cutting-edge medical procedures.

It would host a mix of students, researchers and practitioners that work in a cross-disciplinary manner. The proximity to the Almazov clinical complex is advantageous for both the research and clinical communities enabling a continuous exchange between the two.

The functional layout is flexible so that the space each department can vary over time. Group work and cross-disciplinary collaborations are more important than ever, and the buildings are designed to facilitate this with flexible rooms and adaptable learning spaces.

Additionally, the structural concept takes reconstruction of building parts into consideration for added flexibility. The programme is complex, but the approach and functional organisation is simple and logical, creating a well-functioning and buildable project.

A building filled with daylight, a good indoor climate and comfortable work environment is essential factors for the wellbeing and creativity of the users. Learning and practicing medicine requires a lot of focus and the hours put in are plenty.

Therefore, the users are not only provided with good quality spaces for work, but also for rest and recreation. Focus on healthy materials, mainly wood, is a way to sustain the wellbeing and health of the users, and to create a more resource-responsible construction.

  • Location:

    Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Client:

    Almazov National Medical Research Centre

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    University, research center, student housing

  • Size:


  • Construction costs:

    87 mill EUR

  • Collaborators:

    AKT II

  • Status:

    Competition proposal