Mutti Masterplan

A community staple

The starting point of our proposal for the Mutti Headquarters is the special qualities of Mutti, their historical identity as a Parma family business and its local production facilities.

We considered the new Mutti as the one supple­ment that could strengthen the factory’s existing resources and identity, which is a positive presence in the community, connecting new and old structures using low-co2 materials and methods, a healthy plan for growth and a robust masterplan.

Every component in the coming development should understand the factory, its spirit, resources, life and people – both physically, spatially and economically. Behind the concept, lies four visions that together creates the foundation for the NORD proposal for a new Mutti.

What lies behind a certain product, has a lot to say when consumers pick from a variety of similar looking products on the shelf at their grocery shop or supermarket. This story is told on many platforms, marketing, advertising, events, fairs etc. Most importantly though, is meeting people and being able to communicate this story directly.

This is why we propose to open Mutti envisioned in Mutti Lab – a multifunctional building that invites people in to experience all Mutti. By enclosing the hard-core production factory in a row of interconnected smaller buildings and squares, the big-scale of the production plant gets broken down.

This together with vegetation along the site perimeter help enclose Mutti and its production facilities to keep the secret inside.

  • Location:

    Parma, Italy

  • Client:


  • Typology:

    Factory, infrastructure, branding, masterplan

  • Size:

    243.000 m2

  • Collaborators:

    Steensen Varming

  • Status:

    Competition proposal