Nørrebrogade Street Furniture

Flow and stationary activity along one of Copenhagen's busiest sidewalks

In spring 2015 NORD Architects was invited by the municipality of Copenhagen to collaborate on a sketch proposal for new sidewalk furniture along a part of Nørrebrogade. The aim was to unfold the potential of the street by rethinking and supporting the urban life and identity.

The new furniture creates a clear boundary between the pedestrian zone and the wider and a more flexible zone on the sidewalk for shop exhibition and bicycle parking etc.

The potential for more still activity is supported by long wooden narrow seating ‘islands’. The furniture is placed as pearls on a string to create a longitudinal activity and recreational path that makes an intriguing and impressionable course to move through and stay in.

The classical benches of Copenhagen together with new plinths of solid wood and newly planted trees are arranged in different constellations. The unhindered flow from a to b is improved while a flexible urban space that fit the rhythm and diversity of the area is created.

  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Client:

    Copenhagen Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Urban design, urban furniture

  • Construction costs:

    1 mill DKK

  • Size:

    500m sidewalk

  • Collaborators:

    Copenhagen Municipality

  • Status: