Randaberg Maritime Museum

A landscape of learning

A maritime knowledge center in Tungevågen, Randaberg, is a place where kids and adults can come and learn about the information that lies in our natural environment, in the ocean and at the coast. A place that wants to tell the story of the enormous resources and inspiration hidden in the ocean, but also about the fragility of an eco-system.

At the same time, it is a place that works as a gathering place in the local community. It is possible to have conferences, cultural and private arrangements. Through the amazing location and view it will be a destination for people who want a positive experience in a locally anchored architecture that both tells of history and looks into the future.

The broken volumes of the building create a composition in the landscape, that create a unity between the ocean, landscape and architecture. The three unique exhibitions on the first floor get their own volume with a special character and expression, and they are scaled relating to the traditional buildings that traditionally have been a part of the maritime environment.

The museum is designed as a symbiosis between the ocean, the landscape of learning and the museum. The center is not a building, it is a landscape where you learn, in both pedagogical and spatial understanding – a landscape of learning. The project obtains the entire competition area and utilize the landscape as the primary tool and physical frame.

  • Location:

    Tungevågen, Norway

  • Client:

    Randaberg Municipality

  • Year:


  • Size:

    2500 m2

  • Status: