Tårnet Centre

A new local gathering point

Our proposal for the new Tårnet Senter in Fornebu goes beyond the traditional school- and culture centre. Through innovative solutions Tårnet Senter is an example of the school of the future that is socially inclusive and uses sustainable materials, use and methods. It is designed to support and promote joint-use and have an open and connecting role in the local community.

The design is based on an analysis of the current and historical urban context of the plot where the former airport creates an interesting site. It would fit into a future urban context as well as support the local history by highlighting the airport as a historical gem – and at the same time connect the different areas.

  • Location:

    Bærum, Norway

  • Client:

    Bærum Kommune

  • Year:


  • Typology:

    Urban planning, school

  • Collaborators:

    KOHT, Longva, edit

  • Status:

    Competition proposal