Varvsstaden School District

Harbor industry becomes a new school district

Varvsstaden in central Malmö is the ‘missing link’ between the historic city and the new developments of Västra Hamnen in Malmö. This area has historically been the home of Kockums Shipyard until the area was bought by the consortium Varvsstaden AB.

With its superb location in the middle of the Malmö harbor the area has for several years been a key focus area for development of housing and offices near Malmö Central Station and the historical centre.

In 2014 NORD Architects was selected as advisor for Malmö City and landowner Varvsstaden AB, to develop a plan for the southern part of Varvsstaden – the ‘school district’, which in addition to housing and offices will include a kindergarten, a primary school with sports facilities and a library. Everything combined in a dense urban block.

NORD has facilitated dialogue between the municipal authorities and the landowner, to find a common scenario for this special place in Malmö, where the school will serve as a gathering place for the entire area.

The output of the process resulted in a plan for a ‘fractured’ block, located towards the canal on one side and facing very different neighbors on the other – creating a variety of small urban spaces and surrounding a large inner courtyard, which contains open spaces for the school and kindergarten as well as a public sports centre.

The inner courtyard will (after school hours) operate as a huge park, playground and sports area for residents of the area. Certain school functions such as workshops, sport facilities, library and canteen will be open for users outside the school, and will be located on the ground floor.

  • Location:

    Malmö, Sweden

  • Client:

    Varvsstaden AB, Malmö Municipality

  • Year:


  • Typology:


  • Size:

    30.000 m2

  • Status: