Villa Wood

A mix of tradition and innovation

Architect and partner of NORD Architects Morten Rask Gregersen’s private house is both a home and an exploration for NORD Architects. The house became a 1:1 test of using CLT-elements in the construction, which it was also only the third in Denmark at the time to do.

Since NORD Architects has utilised this knowledge and experience in using wood as a primary material in both other projects and client consulting cases.

In addition to the wooden structure on the ground floor and first floor, the house is also covered in wood – inside and out. The interior walls are covered with lye, giving the whole house a light and natural look. The exterior of the building is covered with charred douglas pine using in the Japanese shou sugi ban method, where the wood is charred to give it low maintenance and to protect the wood.

The house is composed of two floors and a high basement, which has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen/dinning room space and living room that is spread out evenly with 60 sqm on each floor – 180 sqm in total.

All open spaces in the house – the living room on the upper floor and on the ground floor kitchen are facing southwest and have ample daylight. The three bedrooms on the two floors are located to the north and east.

Vertically the house is partially open where the stairs come up through the floors and natural ventilation is created. In the winter, the house is heated with the help of a heat exchanger, as well as underfloor heating on all floors. Passive solar heating occurs when the sunlight shines through the large open spaces to the south and west.

  • Location:

    Brønshøj, Copenhagen

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  • Size:

    180 m2

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